Big day

Today I have a pretty important call with Germany this morning and then I think I’m taking Jag to get his license. Tonight at 6 we have a bbq benefit at the Ritz for the Salvation Army. Our good friends Anne and Bart are running it and have been begging us to come as we always miss it. We’ve known them for over 15 years and it should be fun.

I need to get a care package sent to Ty with his pillow and some snacks. I think he’s on the 5 day backpacking portion of camp right now. They should be sending an update soon. Lori has clinic so right now she’s taking the dogs up the hill for some exercise for all three of them.

Jag had some minor dental surgery yesterday. He had to have the muscle and tissue between his front two teeth cut away. They do this with a laser and I guess it’s common. The orthodontist needs this done so the gap between his front two teeth can close. On the 22nd he gets his braces off and he will just have a retainer. His mouth is obviously sore from the procedure.

To get his mind off the pain I took him down to Eagle and we went to look at the house. The water and sewer lines and other utilities are in and buried. The surveyor had just finished up and now they’ll start digging the foundation, pretty exciting.

It’s official as our name is on a sign! Things will start moving fast now. Concrete comes right after they dig the basement and then the foundation is poured and then floors and walls will start to go up. Stand by for more updates and make your plans to come visit next year but hurry as we’re getting booked up already! The pictures don’t do the views justice as it’s beautiful down there.

Have a good day and God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    WOW! Congrats, that’s awesome – love the street name too, Haystacker Dr.

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