Here we go

This morning Lori has a 7 am meeting, Ty has a summer tutor appointment at 8, Mojo goes to daycare, I have a call at 9 and we need to leave by noon. There’s more but that’s a start. The news just said I-70 is closed at Eagle Vail due to a car fire. Need to know which direction asap!

We’ll be going strong until 10 tonight when dinner in Aspen at L’Hosteria wraps up. Yesterday was full of laundry, a Costco trip and numerous calls. This morning we also need to get everyone packed. The boys say they’re all done but we’d better check to make sure. I guess we could just trust or hope they have all they need. I think we’ll take a little horseback ride tomorrow into the high country. Otherwise we’ll go for a hike or maybe go fly fishing. Then again we might just sleep in, ha!

Let’s see, what’s on the news. Well parents might get fined if their kid is a bully, illegals from Ebola countries are being dropped off in cities, including Denver, without being screened or tested, (that’s smart!), the Dems are up in arms cause Trump said he’d listen to dirt on candidates from other countries which is pretty hypocritical when they funded the dossier during the election to get dirt on Trump from foreign countries, and not to be outdone by California, our idiot Governor is signing illegal laws that make zero sense giving more rights to illegals than citizens. Hopefully he’ll be recalled as there’s a big effort to get him gone which can legally start July 8th. Oh well, just another crazy day in our new PC World.

Time to hit the shower so I can drop Lori and pick up a package. I found a case of wooden strike anywhere matches on line and snatched them up as they’ve been “outlawed” for years. Just another casualty of our overreactive society. Luckily I saw this coming 10 years ago and bought a bunch when Home Depot still sold them but you can never have enough. They’re good to have. Have a great day, watch your top knot, lock and load and God Bless.

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