There’s a reason

Wonder why 5% of the World’s billionaires live in Aspen? Well it’s because it has about anything you could think of.

Yesterday am we woke early as Lori had a 7 am meeting, Ty had his thing and so on. Finally around noon we headed out with our mini caravan of three cars. Two hours later after a grocery stop in Basalt at Whole Foods, we made it to Aspen. Our unit is nice with beautiful views. When we checked in the gave us a warning about bears as they had a sighting earlier in the day. There are a lot of bears in Aspen, especially this time of year.

A few hours later we headed into town to the benefit party at the John Denver Sanctuary. In true Aspen form they had some fun cars like a Lamborghini and others you could play around in. Jeff said, “well you could have that or a small house”. That particular car was $360,000. Our host and my buddy Kiko meet us and thanked me for coming and being part of the event. I had one of my guys from New York manning a table and pouring Sprizzeri. More on this but in the end that turned out to be the hit of the event. After a bit he said for us to come with him where we went around the back of the building into the sanctuary to a table where they had a Louis X111 tasting! Not sure if you know what this is but I’m sure you seen the bottles. It’s the most famous exclusive cognac in the World. Well over 100 years old in hand made baccarat crystal it sells for around $4000 a bottle. We were thrilled to get to taste this and just as special as the cognac were the baccarat glasses specially made for Louis X111 that you can only buy at Harrod’s in London for about $700 a pair. These glasses were cut so you could see all the colors of the golden elixir and when you toasted with another person it was like bells chiming each making a different sound depending how much you had in your glass. The cognac itself was something that you can’t put into words. Everyone at some point in their life should taste it. Anyhow long story short, they had 4 decanters of this and we walked out with two! One for Lori and I and one for Jeff and Tina! We couldn’t believe it!

We thanked Kiko our host and headed out to meet the kids at L’Hosteria for dinner. This is one of my better accounts I’ve known for years. Our food was great and 90 minutes later we were out the door. To our surprise it was raining. Now our friends Jeff and Tina like their whisky and we had told Ty and Jack to meet us at Kemo Sabe. This is the great western store that we’re friends with that have places in Aspen, Vail and Las Vegas. If you want a $2000 belt or a $4000 buckle or expensive boots and a custom hat, this is the place in town to go. Last year Tina bought a beautiful belt and buckle from them. They are also pouring Sprizzeri and our Prosecco for the event. We dropped it off last week and the girls are so sweet that they’d already sent me a thank you card. We walked in and the staff yelled “Tina” as she walked through the door first. She was surprised they remembered her name and I told her “honey you’re fun and you bought a $4000 belt and buckle last year”! 45 minutes later Jeff had ordered some new boots and Tina had ordered a new belt. I found a great blue alligator belt to go with my buckle. Now I didn’t buy a $2000 belt but it is really nice.

Soon we left with me driving Jeff and Tina in their car and Lori and the kids following in ours. As I said they like their whisky. It was raining hard and by 10 we were home.

Today we have a Bubbles Party from 1:30 to 3:30 which is all champagne. It’s an annual event put on by my distributor in a dozen States and we always see people from all over the Country we know. Meanwhile Jeremy, Jody and Eric, my three guys from New York, Florida and Texas will be pouring Sprizzeri in the tents for Food and Wine. The we have an early dinner at 5 at the top steak house in town. So more fun on the way!

Time to get going as there’s bears in those their woods! God Bless.

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