Busy busy

Here we go, it’s going to be a busy two weeks. Starting today we’ll be getting ready for leaving on Thursday. Today Jag has a trainer at the gym from some workouts we never used up 2 years ago, Ty has some homework for his tutor tomorrow and I need to prepare for Thursday. Lori of course has three busy days before we leave too.

I need to try to get the air conditioner fixed today. Not sure if it’s a breaker or what as the fan in the house works but not on the unit. We’ll know more today. It’s 7 now as we slept in a bit.

It was cool last night, just right. I think it’s going to be a good week with a few afternoon showers which are normal. After this week we have Andrea in concert here next week. Then Jag has an internship at the clinic which is a cool thing. I think there’s like 12 kids that were chosen. They had to write an essay and then be chosen by their science teacher. There will be kids from all over.

Here’s a funny thing. Jag came home from Emma’s last night with a giant hickey on his neck. He tried to cover it up with makeup but that didn’t work. Lori first said something when she picked him up and Emma heard her and laughed. When he was home I said, what’s that and he said “I burned myself with a curling iron” which of course made no sense and he instantly laughed too when we did realizing that wasn’t believable. He said to put it in the blog so he can read it years down the road and get a laugh, ha.

Time to go. We’re cutting down on the gym and Harley’s daycare to save money. I’d like to cancel cable too as it’s too expensive but we’ll see. Have a great day and God Bless.

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