ACT and Aspen

This morning Jag has his ACT test. The kids nowadays have tutors and take these tests multiple times until they get a score they want. When I picked Jag up from the library yesterday, I told him when I was a kid, we didn’t study for it, didn’t have tutors and took the test once and that was it. How things have changed.

My trip to Aspen was good and I’m going back today as I have a few more details to work out before next week. I managed to get my hair cut and luckily found a great place. Lori was getting her hair colored here today but I convinced her to come with me and get it done there as they seem to be really good.

Ty was in town for the GoPro Games and Jag and I picked him up on the way home from the library. He’ll stay here this morning with the dogs. It’s a bit cooler today but nice. Afternoon storms are the norm for this time of year. Things should settle down by July.

Time to take the dogs up the hill so that’s it. Jag needs to leave in 75 minutes at 7:30 and then Lori and I will leave at 8:30. Have a great day, take care and God Bless.

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