Off to Aspen

Today I’m in Aspen. I need to leave around 7:15 and should be back a bit before 2. I have a couple meetings for Food and Wine which is next week. Ty spent the night at Sonny’s and Jag was studying for the ACT test Saturday. Lori’s head is pounding and she needs a massage. I had one set for her at 5 pm yesterday but she couldn’t make it.

We had a good rain storm last night which cooled things down as it was in the low 80’s yesterday. I think it’s going to be cooler this weekend. Wonder how Tom and Ali’s backyard is coming. I might be in Denver tomorrow after Jag’s test and if so will stop by to see the progress. They are digging away on our house. We’re not sure how much they’ve done but know they’re on it.

Time to get moving so I can get on the road. Hope everyone is doing well. GB.

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