75 years ago today

June 6th, 1944, D Day, the day the allied troops landed in Normandy in the largest sea to land assault in history. Many people wonder what the “D” in D Day stands for but it actually doesn’t stand for anything. it was just a ‘D” according to the Army much like the kids have A, B or C days at school. Anyhow it was a day that’ll never be forgotten by those of us that took history when they actually taught history in school. Not sure about today’s or future generations as some school districts have been trying to rewrite or alter history for some time now. I though, remember as do most of my generation.

Yesterday we had a meeting with the college counselor at school. It was a good meeting as we now know how to handle her. Basically we need to interrupt her and keep her on topic and all is good. This morning at 8:30 Ty has Deb for 90 minutes. Lori’s head has been killing her. She needs an injection or massage or something as it’s been pretty bad lately.

My three Partner’s are in Germany for meetings with a Company that wants to team up with us. We’ll see what happens. I stayed here to hold down the fort. Hope all is going well. We had a little rain yesterday and it was a little cloudy but not bad. We did go to the Westin but it was too cold to swim for Lori and I. Jag did hit the pool which is salt water and then the hot tub.

It’s 5:32 am now so time to feed the pups and take them up the hill. Hope you all are well. Take care and God Bless.

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