The Rolling Stones

Yesterday the Stones released the dates of their make up concerts. You might recall Mick had to cancel the previously scheduled dates for a heart procedure. August 10th is our new date, whoo hoo. Robi commented yesterday on this too.

We had a little rain last night but the sky is blue this morning. Looks like rain coming on and off for the next 4 days or so around here and in Denver.

Emma is coming over after school and Jag went to her house last night. They’re inseparable for the most part as I’m sure you know by now. Ty has to keep studying for finals but would rather be skate boarding. We’re talking about starting a skate board company as it’s his passion. You all might want to invest in this as he has some pretty good ideas. I told him the trick to creating a successful product is to either find an existing product and make it better or develop a new one that no one has. More to come here but pretty exciting.

I need to get moving so I can take Harley, then the boys, then get to Denver to swap trucks and then rush back up the hill. Tomorrow we’re back down to get Jag’s suit. Dr. C is back next week so today is her last day without him in the office. Have a great day and weekend, God Bless.

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