Changing time

Ok, I’ve decided night time needs to be longer. We just can’t seem to get enough sleep so night time should start at 6 and go until about 6 in the morning. This way we might get enough sleep.

Tomorrow I have to go to Denver to drop off a truck I’ve been driving for 3 months as a demo from my dealer. I’ll be back into a diesel tomorrow which we’ll keep for years. It’s getting leveled today and I changed out the running boards from chrome to black. We also have a Truckvault coming to put in the bed which is a secure drawer system for transporting anything. I ended up getting this thrown in along with a topper. When you get year end models and know the General Manager (he’s taking his daughter to Bocelli with us) you can get about $15,000 off! With the model change coming this Fall we’ll probably end up with this as our family truck forever.

Saturday we’re off to Denver to pick up Jagger’s suit and then at 5 pm Marty is taking James and I to the Friends of the NRA Banquet. It’s in Silverthorne and should be fun. It’s going to be a little cooler this weekend but no snow, yea!

We overslept until 6. It was hot last night so we had the window wide open. Looks nice outside right now. Lori made some halibut I picked up in Denver yesterday with some artichokes I threw in a pot of water before she came home. She’s cooking chicken breasts right now so we have them. That’s it, have a good day, take care and God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    If ya haven’t heard, the Stones will be in Denver Saturday August 10th. They will be here on the 27th

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