This morning Jag and I are headed down to pick up his suit at Nordstroms. Yesterday we had a fun day and night with Emma hanging out with us and Ty having Sonny stay over. Earlier in the day I found a permission slip on the kitchen counter that Ty filled out to invite a girl to prom that goes to another school. Turns out she’s in 11th grade and goes to Battle Mountain! When we asked him about it he told us he filled it out for Sonny and she was coming with him. However when Sonny came over and we were hanging out, we asked Ty and Sonny about it and Sonny said he invited another girl. Ah ha! Turns out Ty IS taking her to prom! I asked if we had to pick her up and Sonny quipped, “don’t worry, she drives!” Lori then said “this day just keeps getting better and better”. We all laughed for a bit as this was really funny. I guess she’s a friend of theirs that they play video games and hang out with. I asked Sonny if she is cute and he said yes! So Ty’s taking an 11th grader to prom!

Tonight Marty, James and I are going to the Friends of the NRA Banquet in Silverthorne as Marty bought a table. Should be a fun time. Lori, Melanie and Jen are going to Matsu while we’re gone. Ty has a study session at 10 this morning and then is going skateboarding until 1 and then has some theater thing from 1 to 4. Not sure what Jag is doing this afternoon or evening.

Jag and I hope to be back by 1 or so from Denver. We had snow in the afternoon but it’s all gone now. Lot’s going on as school is out next Thursday. That’s it, be safe out there and God Bless.

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