Happy Mother’s Day

Well today is one of those days when I miss Mom more than the other days. We used to either buy her geraniums or some kind of flowers for the season. Hard to believe she’s been gone almost a couple years. But today is also a day to celebrate all Mom’s. I’ve always said when it comes to parenting that there’s no book or manual and you just sort of learn on the job. In our family, Lori must have had some training somewhere as she’s about the best Mom I know. No matter what needs to be done, she’s always there, especially for the boys. She always puts them, and me first and we can always count on her no matter what the issue. Whether the boys ask for food late at night, need help with their homework, need a ride some place, have some last minute laundry or just need someone to talk to, she’s always there. All this with no training! She never judges or accuses and is always willing to listen in a calm manner to their issues. Hard to see how she could be any better of a Mom. Happy Mother’s Day Lori!

Yesterday Jag, Emma, Ty and I went to Denver. We started out meeting one of my sales reps from Boulder in Lakewood to drop off some supplies. Then it was off to the mall. We headed first to Nordstroms’ to pick up Ty’s suit which looks great on him. While there we managed to find Jag a great looking suit too and also some summer shirts. We then walked over to Neiman’s to pick up Ty’s shirt and my buddy who works there had some cool boots he ordered for me. I tried them on and was swimming in them as he ordered me a size 13! Jag saw me try them on and said, “wow those are cool” and before you know it my buddy had them off my feet and on his. So Jag ended up with a cool new pair of suede boots! I’m happy for him but man did I want those boots. Ty meanwhile was down at the Vans store getting a new deck (skateboard) built up as he sold a couple of old ones to some friends. Not to be left out Emma found a few tops at a store too.

After shopping we headed downtown to 18th and Wazee to the Milk Market for lunch. This is a cool inside food court like place with a dozen or more restaurants. We all had different things and had a good lunch before heading home. Upon arriving home we walked into Mojo’s mess in the house. This is two days in a row so I started giving him some of Harley”s medicine. Hopefully he’ll be better soon.

Jag and Emma hung out and watched movies until about 9 when we took her home. Ty went to town to the Lionshead parking lot where the skate park is to meet his crew (about 10 fellow boarders) to hang out and skate. I picked him up at 8:30 before taking Emma home.

So that was our day. Lori comes home tomorrow, yea! Hope she has a great day. Happy Mother’s Day to Annette and Dixie too. Time to take the dogs up the hill God Bless. I love this picture!

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  1. Robi says:

    I love that picture too! I’m a mess in a dress – hehe!

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