6:02 AM

Dogs are fed, I’ve had coffee and and as soon as I finish this I’ll take both dogs up the hill. Then it’s off to the gym for a few minutes and then I’ll pick up Emma to bring her back to the house. After a quick change we’ll all head out to Denver for Prom clothes for Jag. Ty’s suit is ready so he’ll try it on when we pick it up to make sure it’ll fit. Hopefully by 1 or so we’ll head up the hill as Harley will be in her crate all day. We need to leave by 8:45 as I need to meet a sales rep from Boulder at Colorado Mills at 10 am to drop some stuff for a tasting. Busy morning.

Lori made it to her Mom’s and they stayed home for dinner. We miss her already but she’ll be home before we know it. I guess it’s 80 degrees there. Speaking of 80, that’s what we have coming next week, yea!

The school shooting is all over our local news. It”s not getting much national coverage as the shooter is an anti-Christian, pro-Obama, anti-Trump, democrat loser that doesn’t fit the mainstream medias narrative so they’re pretty quiet about it. Now if the shooter was a pro-Trump guy, whoa, look out. I’m sure it’d be non-stop coverage and all republicans would be being blamed. I’m not a big Facebook guy but the stupid people that post things suck you in. Man is there a lot of stupidity out there. I’ve decided I’m quitting Facebook as it’s part of the problem and if I’m not part of the solution, then shame on me too.

Blue skies outside, finally maybe summer is coming. I think we skipped Spring this year. I was texting with Tom last night as he was thinking of putting a water feature in his yard. I guess that won’t work so we started talking about hot tubs! I said get one! Better yet do a salt water hot tub! He thinks he’d use it a bit and then it’d sit plus it’d be a pain to clean. I told him he’d use it more than he thinks and just hire a company to come clean and service it monthly like people in California. We can’t wait for ours once our house is built.

That’s it, time to get those dogs up the hill. Have a great day and God Bless.

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