Ok, snow here

So we did get snow, but nothing much on the road, that stuck anyhow. This morning Jag is off to his AP tests at the college, Ty to school, Harley to daycare and Lori to the airport in Denver. Mojo will stay home and guard the house. Harley had been in the vet with some bug until last night when I picked her up. She seems to be getting better. She had bad diarrhea and a fever so good thing she was at the vet.

Ty went to the lacrosse banquet last night and I went with him. Both boys received certificates and we were home by 7:30. I love it that our school doesn’t give a trophy or award to everyone.

It’s 6:19 and we need to leave at 7:10 so time to get moving. May 10th, wow, time flies. Have a great day and weekend. We’re celebrating Mother’s Day when Lori gets back as we didn’t want to just stick a card or two in her suitcase. That’s all, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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