No snow here

Looks like snow in Denver but none up here. Not sure when it’s going to warm up down there. If it goes another day, Lori won’t be going anywhere tomorrow as flights are delayed big time.

Today there’s a lacrosse banquet after practice at 6. Jag is skipping it as he has two more AP tests tomorrow am but Ty is going. I think I’m going with him. He does have a couple of hours after school of work before practice.

The shooting suspects from yesterdays tragedy turned out to be registered democrats and huge Obama supporters and bashed Trump repeatedly on social media. One is 18 and the other a transgender 16 year old who is a girl who wants to be a boy. Imagine if they were Trump supporters, the democrats would be screaming how this is Trump’s fault. I’m sure they’ll somehow try to spin this as his fault anyhow. Two of our democrat politicians showed up to speak at the vigil at the high school for the brave kid who passed away after charging the shooter. They started talking about gun control and to the credit of the high school students, they all walked out saying stop turning this into political theater. You see even these kids knew this wasn’t about guns but about screwed up kids and society as a whole. God Bless the poor child who passed away and the kids who wouldn’t let two self serving politicians turn the celebration of life for this hero into a shameless political rally.

Of course The Today Show is here this morning broadcasting from the school, anything for ratings. Glad it’s cold and snowy for them. Never miss and opportunity to exploit a tragedy for ratings. Funny thing is I think most people don’t want them here.

As we know, Lori is headed out tomorrow, weather permitting. I have a lot to do but will drive her down. Saturday we’re heading down to get Jag’s outfit for prom. We’ll also pick up Ty’s suit and he’ll try that on. Should be a fun day getting both boys all spiffed up for prom. We’ll take pictures for Lori. That’s it, time to go, have a great day, GB.

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