Go Nuggets

I was talking with Tommy and it seems every night we’re both up late watching either hockey or basketball. Thankfully last night the Nuggets routed the Blazers in game 5 of 7 and there was no overtime. Tonight the Avalanche (our hockey team) plays in game 7 and then tomorrow more basketball. All these games seem to start at 8:30 here meaning they’re over after 11 at the earliest.

I’m off to the distributor this morning. Lori is off today and the boys need to be at school by 7:30. Mojo peed in the house last night, nice, even though we took him out before bed. So that’s what’s going on here.

In Denver the news is 24/7 covering a school shooting. I get that it’s news but they just can’t let it go. They resort to showing still pictures of empty parking lots and telling us the same thing over and over as if no one heard about it. I say get rid of cell phones and social media for anyone under 21 and shootings will drop dramatically if not all together. Watching your phone 24/7, which all kids do including ours, has to lead to issues including trying to live up to a false narrative about how perfect your life should be. It’s medically proven it screws up the frontal lobe of your brain. Yet I’m sure politicians, especially Democrats will blame guns. How come they never blame cars when a drunk driver kills someone?

Oh well, time to go. Lori leaves in a couple days. Not good timing but we understand. I’m sure her Mom appreciates her coming out monthly. It’s just sometimes hard with her gone, especially right now with finals and prom and the school year wrapping up in 2 weeks. Oh well, as Mom always said, you do what you have to do. God Bless.

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