Denver shootings

Gotta love the big city. Shootings have become so common we usually don’t talk about them. Yesterday another teenager was shot in Denver near an elementary school over some argument. Sad that kids value life so little that they could even contemplate shooting another person. Things sure have changed since we were kids. I’m sure the Dems will blame guns, ha.

Yesterday I had some work done on the truck and had a meeting in Boulder. Jag said there wasn’t one thing he didn’t know on his AP test and Ty thinks he did pretty well on his history test. On Saturday the boys and I and Emma are headed to Denver to try to find Jag his outfit for Prom. Lori of course will be gone to see her Mom.

Today it seems a little humid out but no rain so far. I guess in Denver they’re going to get rain this afternoon. Time to get everyone up and moving so have a good day.

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