Coming home

Yea, Lori’s coming home! She should land around noon and then we’ll head up the mountain. First up I need to go pick up 27 boxes of wine at the distributor. By the time I get down to Denver and load it up, I should just about be at the airport on time. I spent the day cleaning the house and running Ty here and there. I also took both dogs up the mountain twice and will do it again this morning. Hopefully Mojo will get everything out of his system.

We have a busy week with lots of studying for Ty. He has a bunch of finals next week and needs to do well. At least Jag’s are spread out over two weeks. 70 or 80 degrees here all week long. Should be nice.

That’s it, hope all you Mother’s had a good day. We’ll celebrate tonight with Lori. Have a good week, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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