Back home

Jag and I checked out of the hotel around 9 am and went to pick up Ty at Will’s house. Then it was a rush home so Ty could shower before heading to Starbucks to meet his math tutor. Then I took him to school for the final show of Chicago. Jag hung out and waited for Harley to get dropped off and then he and I both went to the show. After it was over there was a cast party in Singletree which Ty went to until 7. Jag and I went to pick up Mojo.

Today is Grandma Dixie’s birthday! Happy Birthday! It’s also Jag and Emma’s six month anniversary. Guess you celebrate six months nowadays. Ty and Zoe celebrated their one month anniversary a few weeks ago, wow, funny.

Lori comes home tomorrow and we leave Thursday night. There’s a ton of stuff going on, too much to even think about. I need to do some computer work and get the boys moving within the next 45 minutes so time to go. I didn’t get enough sleep and of course, as usual, neither did the boys, ha. God Bless.

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