All fixed

Around 4 yesterday afternoon we finally had the water leak below our foundation all fixed. Our contractor still has to back fill a bunch of dirt in our 20 foot deep hole but we have water back in the house. When your water is off for a few days it takes a while for the hot water heater to fill back up and then fill up the water lines in your house so hopefully today we’ll be good to go. You have cold water right away but it takes some time for hot water to heat up and circulate up through all the pipes.

Lori and I left the hotel at 6:30 am for her flight to California. I dropped her at the airport around 8:15 and headed over to Phoebe’s for a quick haircut. Then it was back up the hill. We decided to keep the hotel for one more night as we didn’t know if and when they’d get things fixed. Jag and Ty both had their girls come over to swim and hang out in town before the play last night. Ty and Zoe went to a movie and then took the bus to school while Jag and I dropped Emma off at 4:30 and then went and grabbed some sushi before I dropped him at school for the play. He bought Emma some flowers and even got his brother one! Lots of people came up to me when I picked them up saying how great Ty was! Today at 2 is the last performance.

After the show Ty rode home with Zoe and her mom and spent the night at his buddy Will’s house which is almost next door to Zoe’s. I’ll pick him up this morning after we check out as he has a math tutor at 11 at Starbucks as he has a huge test tomorrow. Then it’s off to the show. I need to somehow get Harley today before 2 and then get Mojo at 5.

Emma came back to the hotel with us after the show and her and Jag watched the Queen movie on tv while I fell asleep. Lori is doing well. Lots to do here and there before we leave next Thursday night for Denver for our 6 am morning flight for Hawaii on Friday. Have a great day, GB.

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