Coming home

Today around noon Lori arrives at DIA, whoo hoo. It’s been hard having her gone this time but we understand. Lots going on up here and out there in California. That’s life, always something going on that you have to deal with.

Jag and Emma had a nice dinner last night. They’re really good for each other. Ty tried to get some science done but he and I were both lost as it involves some trigonometry. I thought they’d just save that for math class but apparently it’s used in science too.

Our hole is all filled up out back. Now comes dealing with the insurance company who doesn’t want to pay for normal wear and tear which this isn’t. Just need to prove that now. Also messing with our construction loan as they now want more money down due to the appraisal coming in lower. Doesn’t make much sense. It’s always something.

I need to get going as I need to take Harley to daycare early then drop the boys and then head to Denver. I have a few stops before picking Lori up. Then we’ll head up the hill. Snow tomorrow but not too much, hopefully. I also need to take Mojo out before leaving him inside for the day. Have a great day and God Bless.

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