Boys Day

In the morning we dropped Ty for the Ski Day and Jag and I headed to Denver. After hitting Tom and Ali’s, the bank and the car wash, we headed downtown to get him some new clothes. We went to one of my favorite stores that has vintage motorcycles, fly rods and fine European rifles and shotguns, a true gentlemen’s store much like one you’d find in London. Although the motorcycles are not for sale, Mark (the owner) carries great gear and great clothes that you don’t find anywhere else. 2 hours and 6 shopping bags later we left and had a couple more stops before heading up the hill for lacrosse practice at 4. Jag brought home some really cool new much needed clothes from jeans to shirts to a new suede jacket. I found a couple fun pieces too.

After practice Ty went with Zoe to Dana’s to swim and hang out. I picked him up at 10. Jag and Lori and I came home and hung out. This morning the boys have haircuts at 10:30 and Lori and I are meeting Tom our architect to finalize the last few changes on the house. Not sure what we’re doing then as our lacrosse game was cancelled. We might go to Denver for a “Ty Day”, we’ll see how much homework he has.

Lori woke up early and beat me downstairs which is unusual. She’s excited to go see Dixie on her birthday which is 3 weeks from this weekend. We’re trying to find the best time for us all to go out and see her. Looks like right after school is out will be the best time. Speaking of time, time to go to the gym! Hope everyone is well. I’ll skip politics today even though yesterday some democrats were even blaming Chelsea Clinton for the shooting in New Zealand, ha! Others of course were blaming the NRA and even though I didn’t hear anyone blame Trump or the Russians, I’m sure some did or that’s coming. Nothing much surprises me anymore. Take care, God Bless.

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