Fun Day!

Today is the All School Ski Day where the entire school pairs up with kids from other grades and skis. Jag and I are going to Denver as he’s not skiing this year as you know. Ty will be on the mountain with his class. Then there’s lacrosse practice from 4 until 5:30.

Yesterday around 6 the boys game started. It was only 24 degrees which isn’t that cold but the wind chill was 10 below. I had on two coats including my Canada Goose Expedition coat and was still cold. The wind up here cuts through you no matter what you’re wearing. The boys were really cold, almost frozen around 7:30 when the game was over. Hopefully tomorrow in Glenwood it’ll be warmer.

The Dems are continuing to trot out the Stupid Parade with Beto (real name Robert) now joining the race for President. These candidates are so detached from reality that Trump will probably be elected again. All he needs to do is sit back and watch them do their thing. Pelosi now wants 16 year old’s to vote so as she says, “we can capture them in high school”, while others want socialism to come to America. I guess none of them have ever heard of Chairman Mao, Joseph Stalin, Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro, wow. They should have paid attention in history class when in school. Well have to wait and see what happens as a lot of Americans are just plain flat out ignorant and think that socialism means they don’t have to work and they’ll get a bunch of free stuff. All great empires come to an end from the Roman Empire on and we’re getting close to imploding ourselves. Hold on.

Here’s Ty in the black shoes who had a great shot last night and almost scored!

Guess I’ll go so I can get moving. The house is coming along. Good news is with our loan we pay interest only on the amount the contractor draws meaning we shouldn’t ever have two house payments. Our interest rate is even lower than what we’re paying now so we’ll actually save money too! One loan will just replace the other so our cost is about the same, yea! I think we get our permits going next week as the structural engineer is almost done and then we should break ground around the first week of April! Some people couldn’t handle the process of building a house but I’m actually enjoying it. Lots to learn but lots of fun and a great experience. I’m involving the boys as we get going so they understand how it works. It’ll be a good experience for them too.

Have a great day, GB.

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