And a little more s_ _ w!

Fill in the blanks. If you can’t, go see a doctor! Yes there’s a little more snow outside this morning but nothing like we’ve seen. I think it’s winding down but we’ll see. Today we have a lacrosse game and even though there’s a lot of snow and it’ll be cold, it’ll be game on. Here’s a pic from last Friday.

That’s Jag but notice the snow pile behind him from clearing the field. The worst thing is all the parking lots, everywhere, have lost half or more of their slots as the plows have piled snow up into them as there’s nowhere else to put it. Springtime in the Rockies!

Practice was cancelled last night as well as all other after school activities. Lori has a fever so she’s been felling pretty crappy. We met with the college counselor yesterday and need to get a list of schools Jag is interested in started. Right now Baylor is sort of standing out. The campus is beautiful and it’s fairly close. We wish he’d look at CU as it’s a great school but kids here all seem to want to go somewhere else. It’s funny as when I was in Southern California everyone I talked to told me their kids wanted to come to Colorado. The counselor said the same thing, kids from the west coast to the east all want to come to Colorado. We’ll see.

Speaking of college, how about the scandal with all the rich and famous buying their kids way in to top schools, nice. I guess the ring leader was an old coach at Lori’s school, ha. They should face prison time but since they’re all democrats, it’s unlikely. It’s kind of a shocker but not really all that surprising, right?

I guess Denver is still shut down. Flights are virtually all cancelled and schools still closed. The good thing about all this snow is we should have no water issues this summer. This should help with fires too as it won’t be so dry.

It’s almost 6 so time to get moving. I was up early to take the doggies out. Lori and I both worked out yesterday. I’m thinking of starting to ride a road bike again to burn off those few stubborn pounds that’ll only go away with intense intervals of cardio. The biggest enemy is food. It’s such a drug in itself. We should all eat pretty much just vegetables, fish and a little chicken and beef but what fun is that, ha. God Bless.

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