St. Patrick’s Day

Today everybody wants to be Irish! We’d like to go to Ireland as we have lots of friends who have gone and really enjoyed it. Someday.

Yesterday Ty and I went to Denver for a Ty Day. We hit MW Reynolds for some cool denim and then headed to Neiman Marcus where he found a bunch of good things on sale. He’s really happy with his new stuff.

Lori spent the day cleaning the basement, the laundry room and the kitchen and living room and part of our closet! I wasn’t excited about another drive to Denver but after seeing what she did, I made the right choice. Today Ty has theater practice from 11 until 3. His performance is April 5th, 6th and 7th. Lori will get to see only one of his performances as she’s going to her Mom’s. We didn’t know when the play was but it is what it is. She’s bummed as usually she goes to every performance meaning every show when he’s in a play but is excited to see her Mom. Guess this year I’ll be going to all three shows as usually I’m the one that goes to only one show.

Jag went to Emma’s after she was done skiing from about 2 until 10. Courtney, Emma’s mom, drove him both ways which was great so we didn’t have to stay up and go get him. Earlier in the morning, after the gym, we met with Tom our architect. Looks like we have all finalized now as we picked out locations for the remaining few little things like faucets on the outside of the house and other little stuff like the concrete pad in the outside dog run. It’s finally coming together after two years of preparing and planning. We’re really excited!

We’re still not sure if we can go to Arizona next week for Garth Brooks. If not we’ll be giving Robi and Robert our Club Level tickets which are supposedly really good seats. Hope we can go, we still have our flights but need to decide in the next few days.

Have a good day! Who’s having corn beef? I love it but it’s too salty for me and Lori thinks it’s too fatty. (of course she does, ha) God Bless.

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