First off, lacrosse is a violent sport, maybe as much as football. You can whack guys with sticks, body them up and down the field and even knock them out head on with as vicious hit as you want as long as it’s not from behind. In our games, and there was plenty of that. In the varsity game, in a driving snowstorm, we lost 11 to 10 in triple overtime, ugh. Then in JV we got killed but that’s ok as it was many kids, including ours, first game ever. Jag and Ty both looked like monsters in their shoulder pads and helmets and other gear. Jag had a really good hit on a kid and laid him out knocking him off both feet. By the way, Jag is on creatine and amino acids and working out with a trainer and getting stronger every day. He weighs somewhere between 155 and 160 but trust me, it’s all muscle. Ty too checked a few kids, even ones much larger than him. One hit by Jag’s buddy Nick, who’s a ski racer, dislocated a kids knee or knee cap, one of the two, ouch. So all in all it was fun. We have games Tuesday and Thursday of this week as well.

Today Ty has theater practice at 11, he’s in the play Chicago coming up in a month. Harley woke me at 6 which was really 5 (due to daylight saving time) and then I went back to bed until about 8.

Not sure if it’ll snow today or not. We were blocked in yesterday morning until the plows came due to drifts from the wind. We’re getting close to breaking ground on the new house, maybe like 2 or 3 weeks, if the snow will stop. Lori and I did run to Costco yesterday and there was barely any snow down in Eagle which is one of the main reasons we’re moving 20 minutes down valley.

Lots to do around here as usual. I need to get on the garage today and would love to take a trip to the storage unit but first I need to get rid of some crap in the storage unit. That doesn’t make much sense does it.

We picked up a really cool new camera on Friday via bartering. It’s a prosumer camera meaning a cross between a professional and consumer camera. It’s super easy to use and if you want, you can manually dial up all kinds of settings on your own as the pros do. I love good cameras, in fact I love anything that is really well engineered from cars to watches to cameras to guns. The Germans and the Japanese seem to lead the pack here but when it comes to cameras or glass and lenses in general, and cars, it’s the Germans. It’s the Swiss for watches and the Japanese for computers and tech, just an fyi. Us Americans do excel at firearms along with the Germans. There’s your lesson for the day.

That’s about it, oh wait, AOC, the whacko Democrat that seems to be taking the democratic party away from Pelosi and the old timers slammed FDR (Franklin Roosevelt) and Ronald Reagan yesterday along with Capitalism. Watch out people, the millennials along with other uneducated young people are going to embrace socialism as they aren’t old or smart enough to know and understand what it really is. Many don’t even know who Joseph Stalin is. Hold on as the next few decades are going to get bumpy. God Bless.

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