You guessed it, more snow

I made it to Denver by 9 am and was on the way back up by 11:45. I just made it over the pass before the snow started. It got worse as the day went on and was really bad by 5 pm. Then it started blowing sideways and is still going this morning. Highway 24 from Minturn to Leadville was closed due to an avalanche and Vail Pass was closed again too. Not sure how we’ll have lacrosse today at 3 but we’ll see. The team from Steamboat is supposed to come over. They cut practice short last night and cancelled the parent meeting too. In our driveway we have a few drifts I need to shovel through to get to the gym.

This has been the snowiest year I can ever remember and I remember most of them. Hopefully it’ll start winding down in a week or so.

Now to our politicians. Yesterday the Democrats voted to let illegal immigrants vote. So, they’ve been screaming about Russian interference in our elections for years and found no collusion and now they want to let illegal immigrants vote. Did they ever think some of these illegals could be Russians? If they (the Russians) really want to interfere in our elections, all they would need to do is send enough people to specific districts to sway specific races. They don’t have to send million and millions of people, it could be as few as a few hundred to the right districts to change the course of our democracy. Freakin Idiots. Oh and now they want to subpoena any and everyone Trump did business with BEFORE he was President as like I said before, they couldn’t find any collusion. Listen up, no one cares what he did in business! Last they refuse to condemn the Muslim congresswoman from Minnesota who is anti-semitic and anti-american, wow. If you’re a democrat, you’d better take a long hard look at what your representatives are doing. Real democrats like John Kennedy must be rolling over in their graves. Omar, the Muslim, is now even trashing Obama and the dems are silent, maybe she’s their new leader? What a fucked up Country we have right now. Time to kick them all out of office and put in term limits!

God Bless

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