Mojo not feeling well

To start the week off, I think I need to take Mojo in today as he’s not eating much and has a cough. Hope it’s nothing serious but he is getting older. Meanwhile Harley has weepy eyes and an ear infection. Whoo hoo.

We overslept and it’s now 6:50 in the morning with both boys still in bed. Avalanches are still going on up here with the Pass closed again yesterday. They say we could see many more in the next few weeks. After we get past Wednesday it looks like nice weather through at least next Wednesday. That’ll be a nice change and hopefully Spring is right around the corner. Even Ty said he’s ready for warm weather and he’s our snowman of the family.

Ty went to see the new Captain America movie after theater practice and Jag did some work here at home. Practice again today and then a game tomorrow, Thursday and Saturday. It’s a busy week, GB.

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