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After a mechanical issue with their plane in Houston, the group from Ty’s class landed around 5 pm. They were supposed to get in at 2 so it was about a 3 hour delay. Anyhow, they all made it home safe. We had two of Ty’s classmates that we drove home with us but first up was a stop for food. Like Jag, the kids were starving. I guess they woke up at 5 am for their flight out of Juan Santamaria Airport. Ty’s trip was fun although his roomate was this kid who is a nightmare. We wrote about him years ago as he has some issues. He woke up every night screaming, had to switch beds with Ty, wanted Ty’s blanket and two pillows including the travel pillow Ty brought with him, and of course Ty gave him everything he wanted to try to help him out. Electronics were not allowed but this kid somehow snuck a phone in and spent most of his free time in his room on his phone. He also wouldn’t go swimming in the ocean. So you get the picture. Ty though, as Jagger says, is a very empathetic kid and that’s why they probably paired them up. Other than that, Ty said the trip was a blast.

They played soccer a bunch, went into the jungle, fed monkeys and saw all kinds of wildlife. They went to a few museums, saw a rap battle in San Jose, visited a slum and lived with their host family for a week. Ty said his mammatica, or house mom, cooked great food, (although Ty loves rice and beans) and was a great host. They had zero rain and went to spanish classes, learned to dance and participated in many other local customs. All in all it was a much better trip than Jag’s. He too looks like he grew as he seems much taller.

When we arrived in Denver we met Jeff and Tina for tacos and then found out Ty’s flight was delayed so we went to their house and hung out and watched Netflix. Luckily we met up with them so we had a place to hang for a few hours. We brought a bunch of tacos to go from the restaurant so the boys had something to eat when we arrived home.

Today Jag is meeting up with Emma and Ty is going over to Zoe’s. Looks like both boys have left us for girls. I told Lori now we’re basically cooks, chauffeurs, and a bank for the boys. It’s all part of raising kids. Lori is still sleeping and today Harley comes home. Not sure if we’re going to the gym, I need to check with the misses. That’s it, time to clean up a bit around here. Have a great day, GB.

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