One home, one on the way

After a long day in Denver we picked Jag and Sammy up at the airport around 7. Then it was off for Vail. First up was a quick stop at Chick Filet for some food. They rode with Lori as we had two cars but from what I understand, the trip was sort of a bust. Lots of gear wasn’t in good shape and the instructors were sort of unqualified. At one point Jag said they were promoting socialism and of course Jag being Jag, had to correct them and even quirk, “you should go to Venezulea for a week and then if you live, come back and tell us how it was”. That’s my boy! More to come later but at least he’s home and was exposed to another culture and part of the World.

Ty lands about 2 this afternoon and should be home around 4:30 or 5. We managed to get Jag’s room clean but will tackle Ty’s this morning. Lori and I were tired from our whirlwind trip but are up and headed to the gym.

Thanks for the comments yesterday. Robi, we’re going to Lady Gaga too! Not sure when but maybe we can go when you go. Ali, I was at the McCartney concert in 1976 too. It’s when Live and Let Die came out and I still remember the big sort of fireworks going off on each side of the stage when the song went “live and let die, then there was a big flash. And Robi, you’re right, 1974 was when Elton played here and most of the guys in the band were the same guys that you saw then, for sure the guitar player, Davey Johnston, the drummer, Nigel Olesson and the perconisist, Ray Cooper. So what were you wearing?

No snow today but I think more is on the way. Jag seems so much older and wiser. We keep forgetting he’ll be 18 in December, wow. I’m sure Ty will shock us as well. Time to go as we need to get to the gym and then pick up Mojo at 9. We’ll get Harley a little later this morning as she’s on a hike with some furry friends, ha.

Tom and Robi, I did talk with Jonny V last night and we’ve been talking about a reunion of sorts this summer for about 6 months with everyone from our high school days here in Colorado. More to come on this so standby as we’re doing something!

Have a great day and God Bless, and Ali, it’s the Beatles, not Beetles, ha. 🙂

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2 Responses to One home, one on the way

  1. Blondie says:

    I know it’s the Beatles…..the second I typed it wrong, it was too late to change☹️

  2. Robi says:

    We are going to see Lady Gaga on my birthday October 23. Already got tix. Sure hope I know how to get the tickets from my phone cause I have the Stones, Blackberry Smoke (Nashville, in 12 days), and Lady Gaga all are mobile tickets. I was wearing an argyle sweater that mom knit with a light blue turtleneck under it – HA! I would never ever wear a turtleneck nowadays nor would I wear a argyle sweater to a concert.

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