This morning I’m off to Denver for a meeting and then will rush back up to prep the house for Ramiro to paint tomorrow. Ramiro is the brother of Elvia, our cleaning lady from when we lived in Denver. They’re coming up for the day to do most of the interior. Everything but Ty’s room, our spare room (that’s filled with stuff from Mom’s house) and our room will get painted. This means we need to take all the pictures off the walls and move a little bit of furniture. We don’t have a lot so even though it’ll be some work I don’t think it’ll be that bad. Lori and I do need to go to Home Depot this afternoon and pick out which color of white we’re going with.

Jag went to Emma’s until 9:30 last night and Ty spent the night at Sonny’s. Both boys are off this week for Winter Break. I’ll be in Denver by 9:30 and back here by 1 or 2. We had a unit down the driveway sell but aren’t sure for how much. It was listed for $820K but is larger than ours. Regardless it’ll help our value which is great.

It’s 6:14 now so I guess I’ll go. We’re looking at going to Hawaii for the kids break in April instead of New York as the weather there could be iffy still. We need to decide in the next few days as I have a $3800 ticket I have to re-book by the 16th or I’ll lose it. Lori goes to her Moms again this Thursday until Sunday. Too bad Dixie doesn’t live here. That’s it, have a great day and week and be safe. God Bless you all.

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