Ah, snow again

It just started up here with a dusting on the ground but it is warmer than Denver. The news says 8 in Denver and 18 up here. Lori is off to the gym and I’m 45 minutes behind her. No more news from the boys and as they said, no news is good news. Jag arrives home Friday night around 6:20 and Ty on Saturday around 2:15. We’re going to try to get their rooms straightened out before they get home. We did move our painters back to next Tuesday.

I have calls today at 9:30 and 1:30. Good thing I didn’t go to Chiacgo as the weather here and there today is not good. Not much else going on. They did raise tuition at school about 10% which means another $5200! Unbelievable. Guess they do it because they can. It’s not like everyone is going to leave and go to public school as they’re just not as good up here. Oh well, keeps us working, ha.

Have a great day and take care of yourself. God Bless.

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