No go

My trip to Chicago was cancelled by United. I received a notification that they’re going to have freezing rain which would delay or cancel my flight today. When this happens they offer changes at no charge and recommend you change your travel plans. So that’s what I did. We have snow up here anyhow with more on the way throuhgout the day. I-70 is closed by Gypsum due to a rockslide and the highways are a mess so there you have it. I’ll do my business by phone which is ok and then will get out there in March when it’s a bit warmer.

We received an email from Ty’s teacher with some pictures that look great! They’ve done so much for only being there a few days. No word from Jag’s group though as they’re on an island with no power, water or anything. Hope he’s having fun.

Time to get moving, hope you all are well. GB

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