Cold……in Denver

Ok it’s cold up here but it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary, but in Denver I guess it’s cold. The news is on full mode storm coverage and schools are closed. We’ll see just how bad it is as Lori and I are headed down this afternoon to go see Elton John tonight in concert. We decided to go and her doc told her to take the day and go for sure. We’re on the floor right up front so it should be a good show. Hopefully she’ll get out of work earlier rather than later.

We found a room at The Ritz Carlton for a couple hundred dollars which is a great deal. Must be because we booked last minute. We’ll spend the night and then get Jag and Sami (Dr. C’s daughter) tomorrow night at 6:30 when they land from Mexico. They’ll sure be in for a shock coming from 80 degree plus weather to this.

Last night I noticed an engine light on in Lori’s car so I called the dealer who gave us a phone number and this morning they’re picking it up and putting it on a flatbed and will take it to Denver. He said they’ll even bring it back up to us but maybe it’ll be fixed by tomorrow and we’ll just get it. This means we’ll take the truck down this afternoon.

It’s 5:50 am now and we’re trying to get a jump on cleaning both boys rooms. Ty isn’t home until Saturday so we’ll try to finish up Jag’s first. So time to get going as we have lots to do. Talk to you all tomorrow, GB.

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