Get ready!

Today is the last day of the year! Tomorrow we all get a do-over, get ready and take advantage of it. January is a fresh start for your careers and your personal life. For some reason people use tomorrow as the day to start or change things they could change any day of the year. The gym is always packed for a few weeks until everyone gives up, ha. In about a month Mom and Dad would begin to pack up for their annual trip to Scottsdale. They’d usually go down until right after Memorial Day and then would come back to Colorado in early June. Today is also Deb Rubin’s birthday. Her and her husband Len were Mom and Dad’s closest friends for decades. Then of course tonight it’s New Years Eve. It’s a big party night for lots of people. So tomorrow you and millions of people all around the World will get that fresh start and start all kinds of new resolutions mostly attempting to kick bad habits. Good luck. We’re focusing more on what new we can do to enhance our quality of life.

Jag’s having fun in Steamboat as Emma’s dad sent us a picture and video of them tubing down a hill. Ty, Lori and I began the big purge with about 5 large trash bags of trash and another 5 of clothes, shoes and coats to donate. We’re on a mission around here.

Our friends the Hetfields invited us to dinner at their house tonight around 7. No way we’re staying up until midnight though as I’m sure we’ll be home by 10, ha. Mom would always make sure to have some herring in the fridge and eat it at midnight. She managed to stay up more than we did. Sometimes the kids wake us right before 12 but we always called New Year’s Eve amateur night. No way we’d be caught out away from home these days. The last New Years Eve we were out was 12/31/1999 when Lori and I were on a beach in Seattle for Y2K.

Have a great day, hope 2019 is a happy, healthy, and bountiful year for you all. God Bless.

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