Happy New Year, 2019!

2019, it sounds surreal doesn’t it. Like some far away future year where there will be flying cars and transporters sending people through space and time. Well, here we are, still driving cars, albeit a lot more advanced, and no Star Trek transporter devices as of yet. Society as a whole has taken a step backward with the divide between liberals and conservatives or whatever you want to call them, seems worse than ever. I pray for the future of our Country and its people and frankly am saddened that we are now here, more divided than we have ever been. The media, social, electronic and others are the main sources of discontent hell bent on creating different groups and pitting them against each other. If people would just go back to thinking for themselves, we’d all be in a better place.

Now to lighten it up, last night we went to our friends the Hetfields for dinner and celebration. There were two other couples who are also good friends and we had a great time. At one point in the evening, when the ball was dropping in New York, we were shooting off poppers out the window on to the mall and people walking by in downtown Vail below. Later we all packed up and headed home.

Today we’re making black eyed peas and a pork roast as we continue to purge and clean around here while waiting for Jag to get home tonight. We’re in full swing and committed to our new way of life which demands more help from the boys around the house and the endless pursuit of happiness daily for the family. We hope you all are doing well and are excited about 2019. We believe this year will be better than the last and are determined to make it so.

Let us know what your plans are this year. Did you come up with anything new you’d like to do? Hope so, life is short and goes fast, don’t waste the opportunity. Take care and God Bless.

P.S. here I am with James and our friend Rod and the beautiful Lori and I below. Us guys are looking a bit older these days, ha. Luckily we all still feel and act like we’re 30. Happy New Year!

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