Must have needed it!

We since were out the door by 9:30 and in town by 11. My guys at the Chevy dealer were all set for me so it literally took us 10 minutes to buy the new truck. I had bought another car at another dealer which is en route from the Port of California a few days earlier and that took 4 hours! In reaity it should only take 30 minutes max to buy any car. The new tax law we’ll be taking advantage of is a game changer. Our accountant says we’ll save $50,000 or more by using it. This means we actually do not have to pay like $50,000! You can only use it if you own a business and thankfully we have owned Dumonde Inc. 1996 so it’s a big deal to us. Without getting to detailed in case you’re wondering (Tommy) my S Corp. Dumonde Inc. owns my shares of August Wine Group which allows me to use this law.

Anyhow we headed down to meet our friends Jeff and Tina for lunch. While walking to the restaurant we stopped in a lingerie shop for Lori. Lunch was fun but the food was so so. We had watched Garth Brooks on tv the night before and were talking with Jeff and Tina about the show and bam, we’re now all going to Phoenix March 23rd for the Garth Brooks concert! Should be fun. I told Robi on the phone earlier that we were thinking about it but at lunch Jeff whipped out his phone, pressed a few buttons and we all had tickets!

After lunch we jumped in our new truck, (it’s more luxurious inside than my 3 month old one and I like the outside color better) and headed home. We made it home about 10 minutes before Emma’s dad picked up Jag to go to the ranch. Ty and Jack went to a movie and believe it or not, I fell asleep on the couch at 6 pm! I woke up at 8 and went upstairs to watch the football game and was out again and woke up at 7 this morning. So I must have needed the sleep. Lori made me a spice cake which is better than any store bought cake. She made the same one for Jag’s birthday and we all loved it.

Today we start the big purge. It’s liberating just knowing we’re going to do it even though we haven’t started yet. Lori says we should already be the biggest minimalists on the planet as it seems we purge all the time. Jack’s parents are supposed to drive up and get him today, we’ll see as there will be lots of ski traffic going both ways. Ty really needs to purge though so we need to get him going. Lori and I are also starting on the boys 2019 rules. There’s some changes coming here, I promise.

Happy December 30th. Even though I hate Facebook I did get birthday wishes from all over the World meaning lots of winemakers and friends in Europe. That’s about the only good thing about it. Have a great day and God Bless and get ready for 2019!

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