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Well today is my birthday. When you stop looking forward to this day, you know you’re getting older. Everyday for 60 years (or at least 43 since I left home) Mom would call me at 8:45 in the morning which is when I was born to tell me Happy Birthday.  As Robin said, like people tell you, it doesn’t really get easier as time goes by, right now that’s just a saying. Maybe it will down the road.

Tonight Jag leaves for Steamboat with Emma and her family. Lori and I are going to Denver for lunch with our good friends Jeff and Tina and picking up our new truck. There’s a new law that if you own a business, which we do, and buy a car, suv or truck over 6000 pounds after September 27th and before the end of the year, you can deduct 100% of the purchase price right off the top of your taxable income! This is amazing and it’s only in its second year. At the Land Rover store they call it Range Rover month as they sell tons of expensive cars to people wanting the tax break. I called our accountant to verify the rules and found out it is true, so it’s new car time. By the way, this will save us about $40,000 on our taxes next April, unbelievable.

Ty and Jack made it up here before I made it home yesterday and hung out all day. Jack goes home tomorrow and then we’ll start on Ty’s room. Lots of developments for 2019 as things are going to be changing around here. The kids aren’t aware of it yet but they will be as the free ride is over, ha! More to come on this later.

They say it’s cold outside with temperatures below zero but I was out starting the car in gym shorts and it didn’t seem too bad. I have a few orders still to come in and should squeek by to close the year. Lots of changes coming at work too next year, all for the better.

Robi sent me a blown up picture of me as a baby. Jag and I were looking at it and I told him after I’m gone he can show his kids and they’ll say, “wow, Grandpa was a fat baby”! That made him laugh as it’s always the things that are true that are the funniest. I’ll post it tomorrow to give you all a good laugh. Ok, time to go to the gym and get the day moving. Hope everyone is well. Our tree is down and gone and we’re in full on purging mode. The mechanical engineer is working away on our house and permits are applied for. We should be breaking ground in a few months when it warms up. Then it’ll go fast.

I expect all of you to have something, no matter how small, that you’re going to do next year. This could be a trip, learning a new language, starting a new hobby, changing or stopping a bad habit, anything! Just make a point to get out of your comfort zone, trust me, you’ll be glad you did and I promise, you can do much more than you could ever imagine! God Bless.

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  1. Tom says:

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy-
    Love Tom and Ali

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