It’s the Holiday Season

Ok, yes that’s a song title but it’s also what these days around Christmas and the New Year are supposed to be. For me though it’s chasing dollars in the form of purchase orders for containers of wine. I have today and Monday to get orders in that are dated in 2018. Looks like I’ll have about a half a million dollars get pushed to January but still need about $300K in the next couple days. So, it’s all work for me, ugh.

Yesterday I took Ty down to Denver and dropped him off at his friend Jacks. His parents will drive him back up today. I was going bird hunting but had to cancel due to the orders I still need to get in. I couldn’t afford to be off the grid for the entire morning so hunting will have to wait. I dropped Jag at Emma’s around 5 and he made it home around 1. Lori works today and tonight our good friend Libby is having a “Patty Party” at Red Rocks Country Club for her mom Patty who passed away December 12th. Not sure if we can make it but we’ll see as Libby and Carl are good friends. Carl was mom’s dermatologist and Libby has been our friend first and dermatologist second for years.

Kristin is still at Dixie’s whixh is good. Wish we could be there too! It was warmer in Vail yesterday than Denver, who’d of thought that? Time to go so take care and God Bless.

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