2, 12, 7, 17, 27 or any combination of, have always been my favorite numbers. So today is a good day. Yesterday was too as I made a quick trip to return a bunch of unwanted gifts and worked out hard. For nutrition I had one avacado, 2 eggs and 2 pieces of bacon, and that was all. The first day is the most difficult so now that that’s over it’s all downhill, meaning I’m back!

While I was driving up, Jag called and said the carbon monoxide meter downstairs was going off. I called the plumber right away and thankfully they were there and gone to fix it before I made it home. Looks like some exhaust pipe on the water heater wasn’t hooked up right. This means every time the water heater was going full bore, it was spitting out high levels of CO, not good. As soon as it was fixed the levels dropped within minutes. Luckily Jag caught it and was smart enough to handle it. Meanwhile Ty was on the mountain and Lori was a work. They both beat me home arriving around 3.

Today Ty wants to go stay at Jacks for a few days. We’ll see though as I’d need to drive him down. Tomorrow I need to be in Denver at 6:45 am near Park Meadows to go bird hunting. This means I’ll be leaving around 5 am.

Jag leaves Sunday am at 8 for the ranch in Steamboat with Emma and her family. He’s going over there tonight to have Christmas with her. They’ll be up there for 3 nights. Emma’s family has some sort of time share up there where they get 6 weeks a year. It’s up the Elk River Valley towards Wyoming. We know the area well.

Almost 7 am so time to get going. Have a great day, take care and GB.

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