The Day After

Ok, we do things a little bit different up here, always have. You see we like to get a head start on the World by starting our so called New Years resolutions or better yet, change of life habits, before the 1st. So today all sweets, carbs and bad food are gone. If we haven’t eaten them yet, they’re in the trash. Our tree also usually comes down today. Now this is pretty easy as we have a small tree with not very ornaments on it. First up though is a good workout. We might get down to Denver to return some items that have to go back but we’ll see. So here we go. It’s already 2019 as far as we’re concerned, let’s go!

Hope you all had a great Christmas. We woke up around 6 and after opening our gifts, showered and headed down to Tom and Ali’s. We made it there by noon as I had to wash the car upon arriving in town. We had a nice time and hung out until about 3 when we took off for home. We stopped by Rollie’s open house to meet her new boyfriend as they just bought a new house in Aspen and she wanted us to meet him. He was really nice and she was really happy we stopped by. We stayed about 15 minutes before heading home.

We made it home a bit before 6 and then watched some tv and ate a little food. Harley and Mojo were glad we were home. Kristin is at Dixie’s which is good news. We had planned on Dix being here for Christmas but she wasn’t feeling up to it.

Every day we wake up will now be the last day of the calendar that we’ll be in this house. This means no more December 25th’s, 26th, 27th’s and so on as sometime early December 2019, we should finally be in our new home. Knowing this we’re purging and throwing away stuff like Christmas boxes, wrapping paper and other stuff we don’t want to take to our new place. It’ll go fast as a year is not that long these days.

Time to get moving, hope you all are well. Time to start thinking about what you’d like to change in YOUR life. Just a hint, “resolutions” never work. You have to decide what you want to actually change in your life and then live the change. If it’s just a resolution, you’ll never make it as most people give up before February. This could be anything from how you treat people to an addicition to alochol, drugs or even food, (me, ha)  working too much, not getting enough sleep. or just about anything you can think of that’s negative in your life or holding you back. I’m going to stop reacting to things and getting upset when things bug me and just try to let it go. Also of course is no sugar, no carbs, no dairy and lots of working out. So, let’s go, be prepared to share what you plan on doing in about 5 days to make you happier. Of course if you’re 100% happy with who you are and your life, no need to do anything. Around here though, we all think there’s a thing or two we can do to improve our quality of life, God bless.

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