4 minutes

That’s how long I have to write the blog this morning. You see Lori is going to Sacramento, Harley to daycare, Jag to school (and then he leaves at 2:30 for a basketball tournament in Keensburg north of Brighton until Saturday) and Ty to school. Mojo needs a walk up the hill, I need to shower and get my stuff together like some elk from the freezer for a couple buddy’s in town.

We had a dusting last night which doesn’t need to be shoveled. I cooked a prime rib that actually turned out ok and some presents for Ali finally made it after 2 failed attempts. Hard to believe it’s the 6th, time is flying.

President Bush’s funeral was really nice. I heard a lot of it on the radio while driving. It brought us back to a time of compromise and working together rather than the “resist” culture of the democrats these days. Senator Alan Simpson, who dad knew well, was great at the ceremony. President Bush was probably the last great President of the 20th century. He was a war hero, a Vice Presidnet, the Director of the CIA and more. Most of all he was a kind man of faith and a great father. It doesn’t seem we have leaders ( what politicans are supposed to be) like that any more. I was talking to a buddy and wondering if those days are gone forever. Hope not.

Time to run, its 6:34 so I ran over 4 minutes. Hope all’s well, enjoy the season. Stop to think what it’s all about, peace on earth and love for your fellow man. Be kind, generous, humble and honest. Take care and God Bless.

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