Light snow

It’s snowing again, what a start to winter. We love it! It’s not as bad (or good) as yesterday but nice and light. Lori had a long day and made it home around 6:45 and then had an emergency with some motocross racer that broke his back. Today Jag has practice after school and I’m off to Denver for a quick meeting.

Ty has lots of studying for finals and Lori has lots of work as she leaves tomorrow. She’s gone until Sunday, ugh. Two trips to Denver. Looks like Dixie isn’t going to make it for Christmas so that’s why the rushed trip out to CA.

Time to get moving as we all slept in and it’s now about 7. I had pretty good sleep the past two nights which I needed a lot. Hope everyone is well. If you haven’t sent us a Christmas list, you’re getting a gift card, ho ho ho! God Bless.

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