Ty and I

Lori’s in California, Jag’s somewhere in northeast Colorado and Ty and I are here keeping an eye on the dogs and house. He cleaned his room a bit and then we tuned up the guitars and messed around for a bit between homework and laundry. Today he has climbing club practice before the tournament in Grand Junction tomorrow. His climbing shoes are a little small as he’s now an 11 1/2 so I nee to exchange them at REI today. I also bought him 2 pair of tennis shoes for Christmas (don’t tell him!) that’ll need to go back as well. I ordered him some Nikes last night in the correct size.

More snow last night but I think the next 4 or 5 days are supposed to be clear. Lori and Dixie hung out and I think are going to the doctor today. Hope they have fun the next few days. That’s it, time to get moving, dogs are fed, car is warming up and I need to wake Ty in 15 minutes as he wants to stop at Westside (the boys favorite place) for a bagel and cream cheese. Jag and the team lost their first game last night but have more today and tomorrow so they’re not out of it yet. Be safe, take care and God Bless.

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