Ugh, finally Friday

Man are we all tired. Thank God it is Friday. It’s been one of those weeks that seemed like a month. Guess that’s what happens when you’ve been gone on vacation.

Ty is still sick but I think getting better. Jag is doing fine but a little stressed out over basketball. Sure wish we had a different coach. He’s so difficult that some kids quit, others decided not to play and those that did are not happy. Jag is even considering just waiting for volleyball season and he loves basketball! We’ll see.

I’m off in 20 minutes for the gym and to take Harley to daycare and Lori will take the boys. Yesterday I did make it down and I met up with a 20 year police officer for Lakewood PD who is also on the Swat Team. I had donated a bunch of stuff for Jeffco PD’s auction back in September and one of the items I secured was a pair of Metallica tickets in Vegas up front. Well this guy, who is a big fan, bought them. He wanted to meet me as he wanted to thank me and had a few gifts for James and I. I met him in the Target parking lot and he was dressed in a flannel shirt and shorts with a t-shirt in an unmarked like jeep. Turns out he also is on the Drug Task Force. Anyhow he gave me a couple sets of these cool challenge coins and some Lakewood PD patches. One coin had Metallica lyrics on one side! Now that’s a fan, guess the whole department is. He’s also an armorer (fixes firearms) and invited us to go shooting with him and the team. He also has some great property in southern Colorado on a river for fishing. We might just take him up on it. Super nice guy, I’d post a picture of us but I think he’s undercover most of the time. Anyhow he was super apprecative for what I did for him and law enforcement in general. We talked for a while about how the police some years ago, thanks to the democrats (his words) became the bad guys. They put their lives on the line everyday for you and me and yet the democrats blame them and not the criminals, that’s just really messed up.

Time to go as I need to get moving. Lori and I and maybe Ty are coming down tomorrow. I think Jag is staying up here. Ty was in a “call back” for the school play which is Chicago. I guess he stood up on stage and sang two songs on his own for tryouts, wow! Your kids amaze you every day.

Take care and God bless.

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