More snow!

This morning I woke up early to more snow, a lot more snow! There must be 4 or 5 inches of new heavier wet snow out there. Good news is it’s warm enough that it just brushes off the windshield and hasn’t really froze. I was heading to Denver today for a restuarant chain opening at Colorado Mills at 5 but that now looks iffy. A buddy of mine is on the board of TAG Restaurant Group which is a bunch of great restaurants from Larimier Square to Rino and other hot spots. Tom, you should go! It’s called Los Chingones and I can put you on the VIP list.

I picked Ty up at 10:30 and took him back to the doctor. We’re kind of worried about him as he has that deep barking seal cough. I first noticed it on the plane home. This time the doctor gave him Amoxicillen. I kept him home after the doctor and we finally got him asleep around midnight. Lots of hot tea with honey seems to help. He’s slept well since about midnight when we put a humidifier in his room. I hate to wake him for school as he’s had no sleep for days but he can’t miss anymore school. He’s trying really hard but when you miss school, you fall behind. First though, we have to get him well. I’m letting him sleep until 7 which is about as late as we can go with the snow.

Jag skipped practice last night and this morning. He needs new shoes plus with him not getting to play in the tournament, it doesn’t matter if he’s there this week. Of course the coach wants him there but I told him it’s his decision. The coach even sent me an email saying Jag should come to the games this weekend even though he can’t play. This isn’t going to happen. We have zero weekends after this one as a family with no commitments until Christmas so we need to get some stuff done around here like go cut our tree and then get it up.

Next weekend Lori is going to see her Mom. The following weekend is Jag’s birthday but he’ll be studying for finals all weekend and then it’s Christmas. It’s coming fast and will soon be here and then be gone for another year. We do have a sleigh ride booked for the 22nd at 4 Eagle Ranch.

The Rolling Stones are coming to Denver! We bought about 9 tickets yesterday and are in section H, rows 9 and 14 which are right in front of the part of the stage that extends out into the crowd. The show is May 26th, the Sunday before Memorial Day. We’ll sell (and hopefully make money) on half of the tickets. They were anywhere from about $800 to $1000 and more per ticket and people were going crazy for them. It’s like all work stopped until people got their tickets! Lori said everyone at the clinic from doctors to PA’s to nurses and patients were all trying to get on line to get tickets. It’ll be a fun time and the first big rock concert for us as a family, we can’t wait.

I have both cars brushed off and one running as I thought I was taking Jag early. I have plenty of work to do around here so it’ll be an office day for me. Hope everyone is well, take care, be safe and enjoy the season, God bless.


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