Up and at em….

It’s 5:20 am and I’ve had my coffee and will soon hit the shower so Lori and I can hit the road to Denver. She’s getting her hair done at 9 and I have a few stops to make while she’s getting all pretty. We had some more snow yesterday but I think we’ll be alright going down and up.

I picked Jag up at 1:45 to go to his orthodontist appointment. Looks like about 4 more months and he’s done. While leaving we stopped and bought a large bouquet of Christmas flowers at a small local shop. Then we headed back to school to pick up Ty. Jag and Emma went ice skating up at Beaver Creek and then Lori picked them up around 8. With Emma coming over, Jag was on an all out cleaning mission in his room and had me working upstairs. Apparently if you want Jag to really clean his room, all you have to do is have Emma come over! Anyhow I cleaned upstairs and then relaxed before they made it back. With our house being so small Lori and I headed upstairs so they could watch a movie and of course Ty was in his room. Harley, our guard dog, would bark everytime she would hear Emma bark so we moved her to Ty’s room for the night. Not sure when her Mom picked her up but it had to be late.

Big earthquake in Alaska, wow. Just shows you you need to be prepared for those type of things. Not sure when but there will be a really big one, probably on the west coast.

Now on to the P.C. culture we live in. A radio station just pulled the iconic Christmas song, Baby it’s Cold Outside due to the #metoo movement. Are you fucking kidding me? Excuse my language but the way things are going I probably won’t be able to say certain words in the future without facing some kind of consequence. We’ve gone crazy and all this crap will soon come to a head. Mark my words, the P.C. culture has gone too far and people will soon revolt. Personally I think the whole thing is a joke and would normally laugh it off but people are so afraid of being accused or shamed of this or that that they all bow down to any complaint by any person no matter how stupid the accusation. It reminds me of the book the Scarlet Letter from when we were kids. Wow.

Oh well, December 1st! Christmas is coming. George HW Bush passed away last night. He was a good honorable man. Hope you all have a good day, take care, be safe and GB.

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