Thanksgiving week

Here we go, Thanksgiving week. Dixie is going to L.A. to hang out with Kristin, we’re of course here and not sure about anyone else. Tom has his tree up and Denver and most of the mainland are cold. Arizona is probably ok though.

Last night we went to dinner with Kim, Don and Sammy, (Dr. C, his wife and daughter). We had a nice time at Monkey Pod and celebrated Don’s birthday which is tomorrow. Today we’re grabbing Sammy and heading to the North Shore and then will come back here for some pool time, maybe hit a beach for some snorkeling and then are going to Freida’s, a great Mexican place, for dinner. So Sammy is spending the day with us. She’s thrilled as she loves the boys and would much rather be with us than hanging out alone at the house with her parents.

It’s been a little cloudy but is supposed to clear up now for the week. We’re all getting sun though as you still tan even through clouds. Lori and I are going to the gym after she gets back from the little store down in the lobby where she’s getting half and half and lattes for us. Both boys are still sound asleep. Don was telling us at dinner last night what great kids we have. He said “no really, you two have done an incredible job as they are really good kids”. That’s always nice to hear about your children. He also said they have good genes, ha.

It’s so nice here with the warm weather and humidity. When we get back though, I’m going pheeasant hunting. I love the cold and four seasons a bunch. The holidays will be in full swing as Christmas is a month from this weekend. Hard to believe it’s almost here. We’ll have to get busy shopping as soon as we get home. We also still have Robi’s birthday present to send. We need your new address!

That’s it, hope all’s well. Take care and God Bless.

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  1. Tom says:

    You must have misunderstood when he said good genes he meant jeans as in pants! Ha

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