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Yesterday was sort of rainy but of course still like 80 degrees. It never really gets cold here, at least all the times we’ve been here. We had lunch at Monkey Pod which is one of our top accounts and it was fantastic! Dinner was at our favorite, Star Noodle, and of course also fantastic! So the island redeemed itself food wise with great food all day.

Dr. C and Samantha (his daughter in Ty’s class) had their flight delayed out of Eagle so they missed their flight to Hawaii and ended up in Los Angeles. They’re in the air now and shsould land around noon if I had to guess. Ty was on his phone on Snpachat or Instgram or one of those apps, talking with her most of the day as he does with friends every day. I think Sam is hanging out with us today or tonight or both.

Lori and I are going for a walk. Jga is sleeping and Ty is awake. It looks a little nicer outside today but could still be a little rainy. Then it’s supposed to get sunny. Lori joked the rain yesterday probably saved her chest as she got a lot of sun the other day. I told her I’m not eating until Thanksgiving. James and Francesca’s caretaker is this Hawaiian guy who is wrapping a whole pig in some palm or bannana leaves and burying it in the ground with hot rocks to cook it all day like they use to do hundreds of years ago. We can’t wait, should be really good! Also we’re not huge turkey fans so Hawaiian pork sounds great!

My buddy Jeffrey who I’ve known 40 years (remember he moved here 10 years ago and is known to the pros as the Guitar Doctor and plays with Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith and others) worked a show last night but we’ll get together with him and his wife Karen in a few days. He always says we should move here which I’m sure Lori would love but we know it’d get old real fast. Or I should say at least I know that, Lori’s not so sure, ha.

Time to go, hope all’s well and yes Ali, we are shopping for you for Christmas! We know you’ll love a grass skirt to wear in the snow back home, ha! Miss you all.

God Bless, Aloha.

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