A full day

The day started with a couple conference calls, one with a couple of guys in my Company and then one with Universal Music Group, Andrea Bocelli’s Worldwide record label. I was done by about 8:30 and then it was off to get Ty’s hair done. We were back by a little after 10 and then hit the pool. We hung out until around 1 or so and then cleaned up to head down island to Wailea.

Around 3:30 we made it to Wailea and stopped at the Shops at Wailea and walked around and bought some gifts. Then it was off to Morimoto for dinner. On the way out of the shopping area there was a woman sitting eating some food and she was waving her hand around her head as if to wave away a bug. I noticed her and then saw she didn’t get the bug as it was right in the middle of her forehead. I thought it might have been one of those stones middle eastern women wear but it moved so I was sure it was a bug. I got her attention and said “you have a bug on your forehead” and was walking towards her to help her. Lori and the boys were yelling “dad, stop”. I though was motioning to her, as I now had her attention, that she had a bug on her forehead. Finally I heard Lori telling me, “Doug, it’s a mole!”. So I stopped and said to the woman, “ah nevermind” and we walked on. Fortunately she was foreign and I don’t think understood me. Now in my defense, I still think it was a bug as I know it moved but Lori and the boys, laughing their asses off, swear it was a mole! Also I was genuinly trying to help her, right? Oh well, I guess we’ll never know. But I’m sure it was a bug as it moved. Jag told me, “no dad, you were moving”(walking) which made it look like it moved. Oh well, I was just trying to help.

Next up was Morimoto, the famed Aisan restaurant at the Andaz which is a luxurious part of the Hyatt. The meal started off great with killer apps but when Lori’s fresh snapper came, it was so over done, we sent it back. Jag and I had Waygu steaks that were so salty with soy sauce and ginger that even though good, we agreed we preferred a Whole Foods steak on our own bbq. Of course the desserts were great. Most places here in Hawaii serve warm malasadas which is just a fancy name for doughnuts. The always come with sauces like carmel and chocolate and the kids dip them. So Morimoto didn’t live up to its reputation. The manager came over and apologized and sais she showed the chef the fish and was so sorry. Anyhow we made it home by around 10:30 and crashed.

Ty just woke us at 5:30 for breakfast as apparently he’s uncapable of making a bowl of cereal on his own, ha. Guess we’ll go to the gym. Hope everyone is well, take care and God Bless and watch out for bugs on your forehead as I will let you know if you have one!

(I still think it was a bug…)

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  1. Blondie says:

    I am so excited you bought me a gift! Lol….enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving

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