Yesterday was a nice sun filled day. We started off by picking up Sammy around 10 and then headed to Paia for some big waves and lunch. After the kids were pounded for an hour or so, we went in to town for lunch. Then it was off to our side of the island for some pool and beach time. Around 4 we started to get cleaned up. Sammy ended up going with her parents to Star Noodle while we headed to Freida’s for dinner. We were all tired and headed straight home afterwards for an early night. The sun does that to you.

It looks like another nice day here. I have some work to do and need to pull a rabbit out of my hat to close the year. I have a couple calls coming up now so time to run. Hope everyone is well. We found a few Christmas presents yesterday for a few of you so we’re getting a little bit of a start on that. Take care and God Bless.

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